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PATSY Kensit has shocked churchgoers by revealing she and husband Liam Gallagher have sex under a giant crucifix.

The 31-year-old actress claims they regularly romp under a huge cross which hangs above their bed.

And she says she and the Oasis wildman love watching porn movies together.

Catholic Patsy, who was once married to Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr, lifted the lid on her kinky sex life with Liam in a magazine interview.

Speaking about the giant cross, she told men's glossy GQ: "It freaks everyone out as the bed is where we get up to all sorts of nonsense. I know sex within marriage is not strictly sinful but things can get out of hand, you know.

"When we're really going for it, getting a bit dirty, and we're sticking porn on the telly and all that, and there's this big cross bearing down on you...well, it might seem a bid odd to some people."

Patsy and Liam share a pounds 1million home in North London's Primrose Hill.

The couple, who are both Catholics, have a three-month-old baby called Lennon.

Patsy also has a seven-year-old son James, from her marriage to Jim Kerr.

In the no-holds-barred interview, Patsy claims Hollywood star Hugh Grant, long term boyfriend of supermodel Liz Hurley, once recommended a favourite porn movie to Liam.

She says: "Hugh told Liam the last time they dined together, 'If you want to see a nice bit of porno, get a video called Der Skipper. It features Patsy and Elizabeth frolicking in bikinis all the way through'."

Oasis frontman Liam, 27, is notorious for his hot temper and drunken binges.

In September 1998, he flew into a drunken rage after a marathon booze binge and threw both Patsy and her son out of his home.

He rounded on his stunned wife as she put her little boy to bed.

He stormed: "You, your son, out of my house - now!"

James still had his pyjamas on as his mother hailed a taxi and they fled into the night.

Patsy was so shocked that she moved into her flat in London's Bayswater and decided to live apart from her husband of 17 months.

James, who idolises Liam, was also left frightened and confused by the bust-up.

Shame-faced Liam later begged his wife to come home and promised to cut down on his drinking.

But Patsy admits she often has to take her wayward husband to task.

She told GQ: "I'm not the simpering, long-suffering wimp people think I am. I give as good as I get - you ask Liam. If he goes out on a bender, I'll f****** kill him when he gets back."

In the same interview, she admits to having taken drugs, and reveals she once spent 90 minutes in a New York confessional box. She says: "I'd had seven years of bad behaviour, sex, drugs and infidelity, failed marriages, you name it.

"I had a lot to get off my chest. I knew it was a busy place but I needed like, an hour and a half with this guy."

Despite their ups and downs in the past, the couple's marriage has weathered the storm so far.

Patsy, whose latest film Janice Beard: 45 Words Per Minute, is out soon, is now confident it will last.

She made it clear she is standing by her man, saying: "People say he's got a limited vocabulary, but he's smart, and as bright as a button. He can articulate his point eloquently, in fact, much better than anyone I've ever met."

She went on to say: "No matter how much I hate him when we're rowing, I still really, really fancy him. I think we'll stay together now."
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